How to Choose Underwear for your Wedding Dress

How to choose the right underwear for your wedding dress, Sally Lacock

We’re going to go ahead and say that bridal underwear might be one of the most important purchases when it comes to your wedding outfit. Of course the dress is the most exciting purchase, but the right underwear can really make all the difference to how it looks on you so make sure you allow enough time and research to this shopping task.

Here at Sally Lacock, we design dresses which are comfortable and easy to wear for our brides, as we believe feeling relaxed and at ease on your wedding day is very important. When you choose one of our dresses, it is made to fit you and your body specifically, which allows us to work with brides on which areas of their figure they want to show off, and which areas they need a little extra support. Underwear is a big part of that process, and while our loose and relaxed style of dresses don’t tend to need anything too structured in the way of under garments, we try where possible to advise on key pieces which can provide support, shape the dress in the right way, while still being comfortable.

We thought we’d outline a few of the underwear decisions you might need to think about, depending on the type of dress you’ve chosen. Or what to consider if you’re still searching for your dress.

Silk 1930s wedding dresses, Sally Lacock


The slinky dress

If you’re opting for a slinky slip style of wedding dress such as our Madeleine, which is very fitted to the body then you’ll definitely need to be thinking seamless. If the dress slims over the stomach and hips then you’ll no doubt want supportive pants, but anything with seams or lace will show through. Try something like this natural seamless shapewear from Debenhams or if the train falls out from the hips you might want to consider something along the lines of a smooth shapewear underskirt.

Bra wise, if it’s a slip dress, you may have to go braless or have smooth cups sewn in to the fabric. Anything overly structured or corseted unfortunately won’t work. Many of our brides find backless and strapless stick on bras very successful..

Underwear for low back wedding dresses, Sally Lacock


The low back dress

This is probably the underwear style we get the most questions about from brides, as there are actually very few bra options available for extremely low back dresses, which are such a popular choice nowadays. Wearing a style such as our Verbena blouse, Juniper top, Madeleine or Lottie dress means that the traditional style of support bra/ corset/ multiway would still be seen. Again if you feel comfortable going without, this is the simplest option and extra lining/cups can be sewn in.

If not then you’ll need to seek out a low back bustier that can stay hidden under your dress/top. The Ultimo low back body is a popular choice for brides but isn’t quite low enough for many dresses. Take a look at the options on the Bridal Lingerie Shop for truly low styles.

How to chose a wedding dress whih suits your venue. Sally Lacock


The strapless/ illusion neckline dress

Even if you haven’t chosen a completely strapless wedding dress, many styles feature a sheer illusion neckline or a soft lace top, which means that you won’t want straps showing through. We’s advise a strapless bra or bustier with the majority of our styles but especially Flora, Emmeline, Jasmine and Honor. If you’re not comfortable wearing a strapless bra, try one of the multiway styles that still offers good support. M&S have a great selection.

We hope that’s helpful to those of you searching for the right underwear, or perhaps provided some insight to those of you dress shopping. One tip might be to bring a few different styles along to your fittings and see what works best. Also make sure and trial your choice out before the big day to make sure you’ll be comfortable enough all day. There’s usually always an option so don’t fret and choose the dress you love!