Choosing Flowers for a vintage style wedding dress

One of the most joyful parts of wedding planning surely has to be choosing the flowers. Everybody loves flowers, the memories they evoke and happiness they bring, make them such an important part of creating your wedding day look. Talking to our brides about their wedding plans, a question that comes up again and again is about choosing flowers for vintage style wedding dress.

Our romantic answer would be to go for what you love, choose blooms that mean something to you personally and that have some sort of resonance or significance.  But we also realise that you need a slightly more informed and considered answer, so we asked florist Claire Robinson of Love Blooms to share her expertise, and give us some tips and advice on choosing your wedding bouquet. This is what she said.

First thoughts on choosing a bridal bouquet

Your first consideration  should be about how the flowers will work with your wedding dress. The job of the bouquet is to complement and balance, enhancing you and your wedding dress but never overpowering.


Consider too the type of wedding that you are planning. Is it a formal stately home affair, a chic city venue or will you be in the pretty village church or a  country barn? Your dress choice will already reflect this so you are already on the way to deciding whether you will need romantic flowers, modern flowers or something more rustic and natural.

Finishing the bouquet

It is also worth thinking about how your bouquet will be finished. You could use a cutting from your dress or if you prefer something less matchy yet still romantic choose complimentary soft coloured ribbons or lace tied with trailing ends for a breezy natural look . Maybe you would like to add something of personal sentiment such as a brooch or locket to the stems so you can carry the memory of a loved one with you on your big day.

Bouquets to complement Sally Lacock’s wedding dress collection

The simple lines of this elegant 1930s wedding dress style Madeleine would work with a variety of gorgeous blooms, and is the perfect style for an oversized oval bouquet, trailing bouquet or a more compact  round bouquet.  A mix of romantic flowers such as Ranunculus, Cool Water Roses, Soft Ruscus, Hellebores, Jasmine and Asparagus Fern would complement this luxurious, slinky gown.

Helebores, Cool water Rose, Ranunculus, Jasmine, Asparagus fern, Soft Ruscus.


A slim fitting simple lace dress such as the 1920s wedding dress style Bea would work well with a smaller round or natural trailing bouquet using a soft romantic mix of flowers and colours. A trailing bouquet can make you appear taller by following the natural line of the dress.

This style would work equally well with either a country style trailing bouquet or perhaps a round bouquet of vintage Roses mixed with hanging Amaranthus to lengthen the arrangement.

Vintage Wedding Dress  by Sally Lacock
Round bouquet of Vintage Roses, Sage and Hanging Amaranthus. Finished with a soft coloured satin ribbon with ends fastened. Flower Image credit Katherine Ashdown


For the classic wedding dress style Camille a round hand tied bouquet would look very chic and will add texture to balance the clean lines and beautiful repeating scallop lace design.

A  mix of textured blooms  like the one below of Hydrangea, Peach Avalanche Roses, Dill, Scabiosa, Stocks, Astrantia, Delphinium and Gypsophila finished with silk ribbons would be perfect.

Classic Wedding Dress by Sally Lacock
Hydrangea, Peach Avalanche Roses, Dill, Scabiosa, Stocks, Astrantia, Delphinium and Gypsophila finished with silk ribbons would be perfect. Flower Image credit: LM Weddings


The fuller ballerina skirt of this 1950s inspired wedding dress Sylvie invites a slightly larger bouquet to balance proportionally with the lovely full skirt. An oversized style with a rustic trailing nature would look fabulous tied with simple ribbons or finished with natural twine. A mix of natural and seasonal flowers with some lovely trailing foliage such as Jasmine or Soft Ruscus to extend the bouquet slightly adding movement and length.

1950s style wedding dress by Sally Lacock
Oversized natural bouquet of Anenome, Peony, Delphinium, Dill, Muscari, Stocks, Matriaca Daisy, Soft Ruscus, Mint, Rosemary and Eucharis. Finished with a natural twine. Flower Image credit:Marianne Chua


A smaller posy bouquet would be a great choice for the flirty tea length wedding dress Dixie.  Trailing bouquets are best avoided with shorter dresses of this nature, tending to look too fussy, and a bigger bouquet could look out of proportion.

A mix of vintage style Roses or a tight bouquet of Hydrangea would compliment the Dixie style perfectly.

1960s wedding dress
Posy of green and white Hydrangeas finished with a soft satin ribbon with ends fastened. Flower Image credit: Katherine Ashdown


Thank you to Clare for all the advice. We love Clare’s natural, rustic, untraditional approach to floristry and respect her knowledge and use of seasonal flowers. Clare made all the lovely bouquets shown in this post and created the bouquets and arrangements for our main wedding dress collection shoot at the House Next Door.