Make an entrance: Vintage vehicle ideas for your wedding

One of the more traditional components of any wedding day is the arrival of the bride and the subsequent departure of the newlyweds after the ceremony. If you want to make a stylish entrance and equally memorable getaway it is important to put some thought into your mode of transport.

What better way to set the tone for a classic wedding than by hiring a beautifully vintage vehicle? They’re timelessly elegant and their enduring character lends an air of stability and permanence. Depending on the location of your wedding, personal preference and the mood you want to set, the options are vast. Here are some of our favourite ideas for transport hire on your big day:

Capture the timelessness of a classic motor

Embrace the classic charm of a Bentley for your wedding transport.

Classic cars epitomise old school glamour and evoke an authentic sense of tradition that will delight any bride on her big day. The Rolls Royce has long been a symbol of timeless quality and makes for an incredibly sophisticated yet understated arrival.

Kate Middleton famously rode to the Royal Wedding at Westminster Abbey in the Queen’s 1977 Rolls Royce Phantom VI. The majestic Silver Dawn is another classic model that encapsulates traditional qualities that are both lavish and refined. With its shared history, a Classic Bentley will make an equally elegant choice.

Not only will a classic vehicle be the perfect compliment to a vintage wedding, it will make for astounding photography that will remain everlastingly elegant for years to come.

Channel the glamour of the prohibition era in a 1920s automobile


Arriving in a 1920s-era automobile is the perfect way to recapture the golden age and bring some Great Gatsby chic to your wedding. American models are best for this, with Duesenbergs, Buicks, and Ford Model As working particularly well.

A 1920s vehicle brings the decadence of the Roaring Twenties, while retaining the elegance of the swingtime era when big bands and big cars were all the rage. Instead of creating a timeless feel, these cars harken back to the cusp of modernity and the art deco movement when design was boldly beautiful.

Side-by-side with a motorbike and sidecar

Travelling via motorbike and sidecar can deliver a nostalgic and romantic first ride together as newlyweds.

For an endearing retro means of transport, you could opt for a vintage motorcycle and sidecar. Smacking of old school cool, travelling via motorbike and sidecar can deliver a nostalgic and romantic first ride together as newlyweds.

Two wheelers are decidedly cheaper than their four wheel counterparts, so if your budget allows you could even consider arriving in a convoy of your own groomsmen and bridesmaids. Just remember to choose a suitable wedding dress and have an easy to keep hair do that can be quickly fixed upon arrival.

Float to your wedding in a vintage narrowboat

Travelling via canal is becoming an increasingly popular method of wedding transport. How feasible this is for you, however, will depend on your location. If there are waterways nearby this is certainly an idea worth considering for your prenuptial voyage. It can also be a great way to make your getaway and enjoy a cosy start to your honeymoon.

Narrowboats can be hired in many sizes to suit any kind of canal-based wedding. Whether you choose to pull up to an open field or get married on the water, this helpful narrowboat style guide should give you everything you need to know before you contact your local narrowboat charterers.

Invite all of your guests onboard

Routemasters make a classic choice for wedding transport. Sally Lacock Blog.

Sometimes the bride and groom prefer to join the party atmosphere with their guests rather than travelling alone. If you want your guests to help you set the mood, hiring a vintage bus for your wedding is a great way of getting everyone on board.

Travelling in a London bus from yesteryear lends the event an iconic aesthetic, and makes sure all the guests feel like a part of the proceedings without taking attention away from the bride and groom. One word of warning – if you’re planning on popping open some champagne, double-check that the rental company is licensed to do so.


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