This being a news page rather than a regular blog I don’t normally post about things that aren’t associated with my own business. However, I couldn’t resist a quick post about this serenely beautiful art installation which I was lucky enough to see with my husband, coincidentally whilst out to dinner at the Wapping Project to celebrate our wedding anniversary.

‘Yohji Making Waves’ is a singular piece installed in the huge ( temporarily ) water filled boiler house of the Wapping hydraulic power station. Invisibly suspended from high in the darkness, a subtly illuminated, voluminous silk wedding dress appears to hover like a spirit in the darkness, the gentle ripples of the water giving motion to the reflection of the piece. A small boat can be taken into the middle of the water filled installation, where one can fully experience the magic. The ambient music, soft lapping of the water and delicate lighting create a meditative atmosphere.

This piece re-inforced for me the importance of movement in clothing, something that is always at the front of my mind when designing my dresses. Above water Yohjis dress was rigid, hard and lifeless. Reflected and given motion by the water it gained a serene and magical beauty.