Five ways to make your wedding weather-friendly

When you’ve spent months planning your perfect wedding day, the thought of cold, wet weather may seem like enough to call the whole thing off. But British weather is notoriously unpredictable so you need to have a backup plan for inclement weather.

Unless you have planned an indoor ceremony and reception, you cannot risk not having contingency arrangements in place should the heavens open. Don’t let Mother Nature spoil the party.

Rain Wedding

Rain on your wedding day is actually supposed to be lucky. It’s a symbol of fertility, unity and renewal. Embrace the weather with these six tips for managing a wedding beneath stormy skies:

Have a backup plan

In the event of rain, having pre-planned alternative arrangements will save you the stress of making last minute changes on the day. Write up a contingency plan well in advance that you can pass out to vendors and guests.

Include “rain cards” in your invitations to outline the possible rearrangements to guests. This should include alternative directions if a location change is planned and any alterations that might be made to the day’s timeline. Also ask guests to provide their mobile numbers so that you can send messages and keep them updated on the day.

Allow extra time in your schedule

For a wedding to run smoothly, timing is key. You should always allow extra time in your schedule regardless of the weather conditions. For example your beauty team may need extra time on the day to perfect your look. (Hair and makeup takes much longer than you would expect!)

It’s also important to leave plenty of time for guests to get to and between venues, particularly if rain causes hazardous driving conditions. Having that cushion means you have plenty of time to fix last-minute issues and you do not have to worry about things running entirely to schedule.

Get creative with photographs

Before you hire a wedding photographer, browse their portfolio and look into how they handle bad weather conditions. Many photographers will simply choose to move the photoshoots inside while some will embrace the weather to create beautifully atmospheric photos.

Rain Wedding 2

Overcast skies can offer some of the best lighting to photographers so don’t let the rain put you off going outside. If the wet conditions are too much to handle, get playful with rainy window panes that make for charming and artistic photographs.

Remember to wear waterproof mascara and carry a wrap or cardigan for those few minutes you walk from location to location. It is also worth having a pair of flat shoes ready to take with you outside to make walking on the sodden ground easier.

Prepare Your Guests

If you’re determined to say your vows outdoors, make sure you’ve prepared your guests appropriately. If bad weather is forecast, place umbrellas on each of your guest’s seats to shelter them from the rain. It’s also a good idea to provide a range of wellies in different sizes. Guests can choose to wear these if the ground becomes sodden and muddy. It may take the glam away from the your day, but the umbrellas and wellies will make for some great novelty wedding photos.

Another thing to consider is arranging a carpool service to take guests from venue to venue if your reception is to be held elsewhere to the ceremony. This will ensure guests arrive at the venue safely and on time, particularly those who do not know the area well.

Provide comfort food and warm refreshments

While your idea of a lavish wedding reception meal might involve fancy canapés, fine dining and crystal flutes filled with champagne, it is important to consider practicality. If the weather is particularly cold, it is a good idea to provide a warm food option to comfort guests.

Consider beverages too. Some of your guests may be too cold to enjoy a glass of Prosecco or iced refreshment during cocktail hour. Think about offering mulled wine and mugs of hot chocolate as an alternative option.

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