Three ideas for winter wedding flowers


If you are getting married during winter, take inspiration from the cool tones of season when you put your bouquet together: think pure snow whites and muted greens or warm greys and intense berry reds.

Because many spring flowers are hard to come by in the colder months, you may find you need to approach your winter bouquet a bit differently. But you’ll soon find there is an entire world of seasonal blooms to choose from, like anemones, lilies, magnolia, ranunculus, snowdrops. Complement those with conifer branches, heather, holly, pine cones or seasonal berries for an added touch of wintery warmth.

Looking for a bit more inspiration? We’ve chosen three of our favourite styles for winter bouquets.

For tips on how to match your bouquet to your dress, have a look at our guide on choosing flowers for a vintage style wedding dress.

Elegant wintery whites

Winter White Bouquets

White is the wedding colour par excellence, but it is also a reminder of snow and crisp cold winter days. Choosing white blooms will help you achieve an ethereal look that is fresh and romantic at the same time. Select classic white flowers like anemones, calla lilies, tulips and baby’s breath; combine them with soft green foliage, or mix in some cream, ivory and blush blooms to soften the white.

Rich reds for a touch of colour

Rich Red Bouquets

The holiday season brings to mind rich shades of red. If your winter wedding is close to the festive months, red could be a stunning accent colour for your bouquet. Take a step away from the bright holiday reds and choose rich burgundies and plums for your palette. These nuances will give a pop of colour without being overwhelming or garish. Surround them with blush flowers and deep green leaves for a wintery, elegant effect.

A special seasonal touch

Winter Bouquets

If you would like to stick to a natural palette but still want your bouquet to hint at the season, you could add wintery elements that complement your blooms. Pine branches, pinecones and textural wild berries all add a touch of winter to a bouquet.

Choose small, rounded pinecones and berries like hypericum or juniper: just a small touch of winter-inspired decoration will make a great seasonal impact.