Will you be wearing a wedding veil?

In the world of bridal styling decisions don’t end once you have chosen your wedding dress. You will want to consider your shoes, maybe a pretty bridal headpiece. You will be thinking about whether you need a bag, or if your dress needs a necklace or just earrings. But probably the most important consideration after the momentous decision of which dress is the one, is whether to wear a wedding veil.

Rose lace edged silk veil by Sally Lacock


Many of our brides start the dress shopping process declaring that they will not be wearing a veil. Reasons vary from not wanting to be too traditional to worry that they will feel silly or too dressed up. But after a couple of appointments, seeing how a silk veil feels ( we use nothing but silk here at Sally Lacock) and most brides are hooked by the time their wedding dress is ready to be fitted.

Scallop lace edged silk tango length veil worn with Cicely skirt and Mint top. All by Sally Lacock


Pop a pretty soft silk lace edged veil onto a bride to be, and more often than not it will leave her mother and maids with tears rolling down their cheeks. It is the moment that turns the girl in a beautiful dress into a bride, the realisation of the momentous occasion to come.

At Sally Lacock we pride ourselves on making the most beautiful silk veils onto which we skilfully apply French lace. We have a variety of styles to show our clients but more importantly, because we make everything for the individual we can make your veil exactly to your required length.

When deciding on a veil there are a few things to consider. The dress decision does need to come first so that the veil proportions and embellishment can be designed to work perfectly with the dress.

Veil with a blusher

A blusher is a second layer of a veil which is traditionally worn over the face for the wedding ceremony and lifted at the alter, either by the Father before the vows or husband after the vows. Nowadays many brides choose not to wear their blusher over the face, particularly if they are not to be married in a church, but a double layer veil is still a good choice if volume is desired or if it is to be worn over the shoulders.

Scallop edged silk shoulder length veil worn with Rosemary skirt and Chive top. All by Sally Lacock


Scallop edge tango length silk veil worn with mint top and Cicely skirt. All by Sally Lacock

Wedding veil embellishment

If your wedding dress is very plain you might want to choose a veil with some embellishments or with a lace edging. Don’t restrict lace edged veils to plain dresses though, as long as the lace is right they look beautiful with a lace wedding dress too.

If choosing a plain veil you might consider balancing with a decorative headpiece. At Sally Lacock our breezy silk tulle tango length plain veils have an interesting cut to give choppy layers and volume to the back.

Square cut plain silk veil worn with Mace skirt and Lovage top. All by Sally Lacock

Wedding Veil lengths

This is a confusing issue for many brides-to-be!  A veil should be made to work with the proportions of the wedding dress. We don’t like rules but here are some general guidelines and tips.

Shoulder length veil

A chic modern flirty look which falls just below the shoulders. Best worn as a double layer but only works with the blusher over the face if the veil is fixed high on the head, if set too low the blusher will be too short once pulled over.


Waist length veil

A waist length veil is particularly flattering when worn with a dress that highlights the waist. Looks great as a double layer whether worn over the face or not.


Tango length veil

A tango length veil is approximately to the back of the knees and often double layer. This is a good choice for a slinky dress with a train if you prefer not to have a long veil. The tango length is one of our most popular veils, especially with the scallop lace trim but also the layered square cut veil.



Chapel length veil

A chapel length veil is between 2m and 2.5m long but should be cut to sit just a little longer than the train on your dress if it has one. The longer length veils work very well as single layer but also work with a blusher, and are better with a stunning lace edge to give substance and structure to the tulle.

Cathedral length veil

Only for larger venues or churches and considered too formal for many modern brides, the cathedral length veil is 3m or more in length so needs room to follow you down the aisle! As with the chapel length this size of veil is best with a border or edging.

How to wear a wedding veil

The most important thing to consider when choosing your wedding veil is how will you be wearing your hair. Discuss options with your hair stylist but keep in mind where you will want your veil to be secured. Will you want to wear it high on your head, at the nape of your neck or somewhere in between. Ask your dress designer if you can have your veil early so you can take it to your hair trial.


Silk Juliet cap veil worn with Cicely skirt and Chamomile Camisole. All by Sally Lacock


if your wedding veil is to be fixed onto a comb you will need some sort of up do in which to secure it. If your hair is short or you will be wearing it loose it will be best fixed to a bridal  headpiece or a simple headband.

A Juliet cap veil has a boho feel and works best with short or loose hair.

Bohemian wedding dress ideas, Sally LacockThe only way to decide is to try some veils on with your dress. Start at your first appointment and try again at your fitting. you will be surprised how you begin to love them as you go through the process of being styled for your big day.