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Mis-matched Pair Seed & Pod Hoop Earrings

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I only have one gold vermeil pod fragment left in stock so I have paired with a gold vermeil seed and offering a lovely mis-matched pair.

The seed and pod for these earrings are both made using a technique that gives different results every time, so no two are ever the same. 

The seed has a pleasingly organic surface which catches the light beautifully. The pod is slightly domed, with an uneven edge and brushed surface, reminiscent of a seed shell found on the woodland floor.

They hang from handmade silver hoops. Both the seed and the pod are gold plated all over.

Sterling silver (925)

23ct gold plated

Hoop inside diameter - approx. 15mm

When putting hoop earrings on gently unhook and open side to side, never pull apart front to back.

Handmade in London