Jewellery care

Over time precious metal jewellery will develop a patina through wear, which will add to the character of the piece and become part of its story. 

Tarnish developing on silver is normal and occurs gradually when it is exposed to gasses in the air, especially sulphur. The speed at which it develops is related to environmental conditions.

Tarnish is a surface layer that will not damage the silver, is easily removed with careful cleaning, and can be delayed by wearing the jewellery and storing well.


Caring for Silver Jewellery

Sally Lacock jewellery is designed for daily wear, pieces that we hope will become part of you. Wearing your silver is the best way to delay tarnishing, but there are some extra precautions you can take to slow the process.

  •  Remove jewellery before showering and especially before swimming. If your jewellery gets wet, dry it thoroughly as moisture and humidity will accelerate tarnishing.
  • Avoid getting creams, perfume, body lotions, hairspray etc. on your jewellery. It is best to apply these products and let them dry before putting on your jewellery.
  • Avoid cleaning products or any harsh chemicals coming into contact with the jewellery.
  • Try not to touch the pieces too much, we know this is hard because they are so tactile but residues on the fingers can transfer to the silver which may accelerate tarnish.
  •  Store in a moisture free environment in a soft cotton bag. Wrapping in some acid free tissue is a good way to protect your jewellery and keep tarnish at bay. Popping some chalk in the container that you keep your jewellery in will help absorb moisture and humidity. 

 Cleaning Silver Jewellery

The gentlest way to clean jewellery is to soak in tepid water with some mild liquid soap. Brush gently with a very soft toothbrush. Dry thoroughly before wearing or storing. Silver can be cleaned this way regularly to remove grease and residues that may accelerate tarnish.

To remove tarnish clean gently with a silver polishing cloth or soft cloth and liquid silver polish, then clean any residue off with water, mild liquid soap and a soft toothbrush and dry thoroughly. Be sure to avoid any abrasive cloth or polish.

 Cleaning gold plated jewellery

Gold plated jewellery can tarnish in the same way as silver and should be cleaned and cared for in the same way, cleaning gently and storing well.

Particular care should be taken to avoid scratches and knocks on gold plated jewellery. Abrasives should never be used, even on a textured piece, as the gold layer could rub away exposing the silver beneath.