Studio Practice

 Image credit: Aloha Bonser-Shaw

My workshop is a small one, I make most pieces entirely by hand with the help of fire and traditional tools. I work closely with a local caster for pieces that are made by the lost wax method, sculpting the wax and making the masters myself. Respect for the planet and its inhabitants form the core of my practice and I endeavour to keep environmental impact to a minimum.

  • I use only recycled, ethically sourced precious metals.
  • I design with consideration for usage of materials, melting and re-using offcuts so that no metals are ever wasted.
  • The chain I use is made in the UK from recycled silver.
  • I only use vintage stones.
  • Branded boxes are made in the UK from recycled  paper and FSC approved card and are fully recyclable but also beautiful, my hope is that they will be kept and used.
  • The unbleached cotton bags provided to protect the jewellery were designed by me are made in house.
  • Shipping boxes are FSC approved and fully recyclable. They are strong enough to be re-used multiple times which is what I hope for.