Meet Sally Lacock

Image credit: Jannine Newman

Thank you for taking the time to look at my jewellery collections. I hope to be able to meet in person sometime at a show or pop-up, but for now a few words about what inspires my work.

I live in London, a city that I adore and where I find great beauty in the dynamic, multi-layered urban environment and the nature to be found within it.

Whether mud-larking on the banks of the Thames, on daily walks in my local overgrown Victorian cemetery or exploring further afield, I gather inspiration from the fragments left behind when nature exerts its influence over the living and manmade; shards of broken china, torn edges of discarded paper, and tumbled bark and seed heads as they break down in a cycle of return to the earth, are some of the ephemeral treasures that I collect, and from which ideas develop.

Intrinsic to my design practice is an experimental intuitive approach to the manipulation of materials and textures, which has been influenced by my work in fashion and textiles, and the result of a life long love of making. 

I believe that a loved piece of jewellery becomes integral to the wearer and it is with this in mind that I approach my practice, striving for harmony and balance of design, tactility and longevity.